Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation & Wedding Season

My favorite graduation gift : Pink drawstring laundry bag ( I still use it when I travel) 
Perfect for a girl going off to college!

My favorite wedding gift : A cooler full of food
Perfect for a couple just starting out!

Both things I hadn't gotten for myself, but turned out to be an amazing comfort on the road of life!

This summer give a gift that is well thought out!  
THRIVE foods are good! Eat them now. Eat them 20 years from now. They are delicious!

Shelf Reliance offers several different gift baskets

Or you can make your own assortment.

Here are some examples of complimentary groups in the smaller pantry size cans. Nutrients to last a single person or a couple for a week or more depending on the selection. And really, who doesn't eat food?