Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Q-pon - Freeze dried Mushrooms

Definitely one of those foods that I am saving money on by eliminating waste.
More often than not, I buy a pack of mushrooms with every intention of using them in some great dish, and life happens and the mushrooms go untouched and turn nasty in the fridge. What a waste!

Freeze dried Mushrooms, on the other hand, don't turn slimy within days of purchase! They don't turn slimy ever! Yay! 
Hello 25 year shelf-life!

That's part of what makes them so good for people like me, who like mushrooms alright, but don't necessarily love them or use them consistently. Not to mention these are already washed and sliced for you. All you have to do is rehydrate them and sometimes your recipe does it for you (think soups & casseroles)!

As usual, if you aren't on the Q yet, you'll have to call or email me to get this price.

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