Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Waterbrick & the Waterbrick Spigot

Almost a year ago I ordered my first set of Waterbricks and did a blog review on them. 
Not surprisingly, it has been my most popular blog post to date!

I recently had them on display at a local Emergency Prep Fair and they, again, drew lots of attention!

Everyone loved the 3.5 gallon size, the stack-ability, the manageable weight to carry when filled & that they can be used for dry storage too! 
Pretty great! 
And $16.78 each is pretty good for self-supporting storage!

Now, Shelf Reliance offers the Waterbrick Spigot to go with your Waterbricks! 
How handy is that? 
Just replace the regular lid with this one, and you're good to go. 
Makes using the water stored in your Waterbrick that much easier!
These are on sale for $12.49 each and you can move it from one Waterbrick to the next as needed. 
Did I mention how great I think these are?

As always, no coupon codes are needed to get the best pricing. 
You can email me anytime to place an order 
or go to my website
Don't pay retail again! :)

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