Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Food for your Adventure

So, you want to go for a hike
Go on a backpacking trip? 
Load up your boat or RV for the weekend?
Long weekend camp-out?


How are you going to get your 
fruits & vegetables?
You'll want something light-weight, easy to use and that doesn't take up all your cooler space, right?

Here's the answer for you... 

I have been doing mail drops for a 
2013 Appalachian Trail thru-hiker 
this year. It's been fun!

Rather than plain macaroni & cheese in a box from the stores along the trail, I am sending mac & cheese with ground beef & broccoli
Instead of ramen, I send noodles with chicken bullion, chicken, peas & corn.
Along with dehydrated refried beans I add ground beef, onions & cheese.
To the plain granola I add some fruit.
You get the idea...
 She said everyone is jealous of her vegetables!

 Don't spend all your time getting ready for your outing by babysitting a dehydrator. 
THRIVE foods come washed, chopped, & ready to use. 
They rehydrate very quickly saving you precious fuel. They are shelf stable so there is no need to worry about ice or electricity. Fill up your RV cabinets and you're ready to go at any moment.

If you're interested in getting ready for your own adventure, let me know
Whether you're planning an over-night hike, the Pacific Crest Trail or the Triple Crown of hiking
I'd love to help you pick out some good stuff

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  1. It's all true! Everyone is very jealous of all my fruits and veggies and suped-up meals!