Monday, November 18, 2013

What's in a bucket?

Thrive Life started carrying products in 6-gallon buckets a while ago. And, while I have sold many of them, I hadn't actually bought any for myself until recently.

Each bucket came in its own box, with handle punch outs, which the UPS man said he appreciated! :)
Look at that pretty red Gamma Lid that comes with it!  
Having heard all sorts of stories about opening and closing bucket lids, I knew the Gamma Lid was going to be so much better. 
And it was! 
 It took me longer the peal the tape off than it did to unscrew the lid. This also means I never have to go searching for a bucket opener to spare my hands!

And inside, a nice sealed mylar bag to keep everything sealed up nice till you're ready to start using your food.

 Of course, I opened mine right up. 
It's baking season, and I am excited to make another batch of granola bars, and then dive into some no-bake cookies, granola, and all sort of other goodies to share with those around me! :)
Happy Baking!

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