Thursday, April 14, 2011

Confession: I eat cookie dough!

Since I was a kid I can always remember eating the dough when cookies were being "baked". All through college my friends and I would eat more dough than cookie. As a "responsible" parent, I don't let my kids eat (or SEE me eat) cookie dough. Everyone knows that raw eggs are dangerous to eat! 
Well, one product that sold me on Shelf Reliance was the powdered eggs! They sounded weird nasty, but when I tried them out, I was amazed! 

The only thing my kids like more than FD Strawberries is cookies! 
I don't know where they get it from!

Back to the eggs,... 
Rather than adding "real" (as my DH says) eggs, you add 1Tb of egg powder per egg and cream that with the sugar and butter. Then when you add your vanilla, add 2 Tb of water per egg. And the rest goes as usual!
Add your home ground whole wheat flour... (More on that later!)
I usually do tiny teaspoon cookies, but every once in awhile I like to get crazy change it up and use a tablespoon!
And ta-da! Delicious chocolate chip cookies made with REAL whole egg powder! 

A #10 can of eggs contains 236 eggs. That's 19.6 dozen eggs! At $20.99, that's about $1/dozen. With the way prices are going these days, you'd be lucky to find eggs at that price anymore. And with all the recalls and salmonella issues, these powdered eggs are sounding more and more delicious! I have made omelets, scrambled eggs, breads, cookies, etc and every time had great results! 

And I eat cookie dough and don't worry about it making me sick.

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