Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sneaky Spinach

I am usually looking for ways to sneak add extra veggies to my kids' meals.

And I am usually, OK always, looking for something quick and easy for dinner.

I had some left over Rice-a-roni (Cheddar Broccoli) from a few nights ago. I also had the rest of the rotisserie chicken from another night's dinner. Sounds like the makings of a casserole bake.

So, I got out a pie plate, put in chicken. Now is when a veggie comes into play. I put some FD Chopped Spinach in hot water for a few minutes to soak. 

Since I don't have a fine strainer, I just grabbed some by the hand and squeezed (Is squoze not a word?) the water out. Next time, I think I will try just adding it as is, and then add a splash of water to the dish to help rehydrate it.

Layer on top of chicken. Then add rice and finally some cheese! Bake until warm and melty!

Doesn't get much easier than that! And healthy too!

I am planning to try all sorts of dishes with this awesome spinach. That can is packed full of goodness!

Party Prices:
# 10 Can -  $15.99
Pantry Can -  $6.49
Pouch - $5.89

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  1. YUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!! That looks delicious!!!!