Monday, October 3, 2011

October Q-Pon

Freeze dried Monterey Jack Cheese
I am so excited that cheese is the Q-pon for October! This is one of the foods that brought me to Shelf Reliance in the first place! 
All the rice and beans people store will taste sooo much better with cheese on top! And the bread made from all that wheat...can you say grilled cheese?
We're big cheese eaters in our house, so doing without would not go over well!

The first time I opened a can of FD cheese, I was amazed! It's just like any other shredded cheese you buy, except it's dry and crunchy! Just put it in cold water for a few minutes, lay it out on a paper towel to get the excess water off, and enjoy. And yes, it melts on nachos, pizza, etc. Or just throw a handful in your soup and let the soup do all the work!

#10 Can 
Reg - $47.29
Party - $42.59
25% off Q-pon = $35.46

Case (6 #10 cans) = $188.71

You're going to want in on this Q-pon!

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