Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Your own home "store"?

I was grocery shopping the other night and amazed at all the non "grocery" items I had filled my cart with. 
They didn't get in there on accident either. 
Most of them were purchased on sale and with coupons, so they were all good "deals". 
But I didn't buy them for the deal... 
I bought them to have as my own home store. As in, rather than running to the store for every little thing, I keep a small reserve or supply on hand so I never get caught empty handed or at the immediate mercy of the "real" stores.
I'm am in no way a doom and gloom kind of person. But, honestly, you never know when weather, economy or infrastructure could cause our stores or their suppliers to be without "goods" for a day, week or even months.

One of the reasons I am a consultant for Shelf Reliance is so I can build a food "store" for my family. Balance is important in all things. That includes our efforts to be self-reliant. I could have tons of food on hand but if I run out of essentials like soap and toilet paper, let's face it, life would only be mediocre

So, while I will always encourage people to have a small reserve of food as their own home "store", I'd also remind you to keep stock of those things that just make life so much easier, just in case.

That's right, I bought 4 packs of toilet paper... just in case! :)

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