Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creamy Freeze-dried Cauliflower Recipe

Lately, I've been trying to eat healthier
Mainly cutting out bad carbs. "Whole" and "grain" are both generally good, but when you say "white", it's generally not good for you. Except for, that is, cauliflower, which is white!
So, I thought I would give mashed / creamy cauliflower a try as a substitute for mashed potatoes.

It turned out great!

I was to the bottom of my can of freeze-dried Cauliflower, so I already had some powder and small pieces to work with. I just wanted to make a small batch so this is what I did. You could easily adjust this to make more servings. Sure, I could have made this with fresh cauliflower, if I hadn't had to throw it out because I didn't use it soon enough and it went bad sitting in the fridge! What a waste! 
So, again, THRIVE to the rescue!

Creamy Cauliflower
1 c. FD Cauliflower crumbs/pieces
1/2 c. water
salt & pepper to taste

Combine ingredients into small sauce pan. 
Simmer till cauliflower is rehydrated and tender.
Smash or blend to desired consistency.

Stay tuned to see why I needed a mashed potato substitute! :)


  1. this is fancy! i had something similar at ruby tuesday. ruby tuesday food storage! amazing!! :)

  2. Yeah, I think I saw that on the menu a while back! Good stuff! :)