Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grand Opening-Drinks & Gluten Free

Shelf Reliance has grown so much over the last few years they have had to build a new facility to have adequate room to run their business and keep up with sales. That's a nice problem to have in this economy. I'm guessing the fact that they sell food helps, and that they focus on quality makes it extra appealing.

Anyhow, as part of their grand opening celebrations, they are launching MORE new products in the THRIVE line! 6 new drink mixes and 5 new products that are gluten free!

5 (+1) new drink mixes
Shelf Reliance proudly introduces our new THRIVE Drink line. Each long-lasting drink is vitamin fortified and contains natural flavors and sweeteners. Bursting with flavor, our new drink line will quench your thirst and be an excellent addition to Your Home Store.

5 new gluten free products
THRIVE now offers five new products that are naturally gluten free. Now anyone with an intolerance to gluten can use these all-natural gluten free products to make delicious breads, pastas and soups.

5 days to pre-order
When can I purchase the new products? The official launch will be on Thursday, September 1st. However, Q-club members will have the privilege to pre-order the new products starting Saturday, August 27th. So, sign up for the Q now to be first to taste our new products!
5 day sale on all products
In conjunction with our grand opening celebration, we will have an additional discount on all Shelf Reliance products. This discount price will be available for five days from September 1 to September 5.

up to 25% discount
With the additional discount applied to our products during our grand opening sales event, some of our products will be discounted to over 25%.
What are the benefits of pre-ordering? As an exclusive reward to Q-club members, you will have the opportunity to order an unlimited amount of new products before the general public. We will ship the orders starting on September 1st in the order in which the product-orders were received. How will my Q-shipment be affected if I add the new products to it during the pre-order phase? If your Q is scheduled to ship between August 27th and August 31st and you included new products into that shipment, your order will be held until September 1st.

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  1. i've never bought rice flour but for some reason it is exciting to see it canned! i love quinoa, too. but so expensive!!

  2. Yeah, I haven't tried the rice flour either. And I think the Quinoa is awesome, but yeah, at the price you are paying for shelf-life for long term storage, not every day use I'd say.