Monday, August 8, 2011

August Q-pon - THRIVE Elbow Macaroni

They must have known that I need some encouragement to try the Cheese Blend as Mac & Cheese.

This is one of a few items that are available at the LDS Canneries
The Cannery always has lower prices than Shelf Reliance because they run strictly off operational cost from what I understand. They don't operate for profit. So I buy a lot of things from there.

This Q-pon make SR's price slightly more competitive, but still higher. 
So why am I planning on ordering a case of Macaroni anyways?
Because Shelf Reliance is very concerned about quality, taste & shelf-life, so their cans are double coated to protect the food. 

I am buying a case of macaroni to add to my long term food storage so if/when the *stuff hits the fan, I know I will have one good case of macaroni to feed my family.

I have heard one or two people tell me they opened a can of something from the cannery after it had been stored for 20+ years and it tasted kind of like metal. I haven't heard that from others, so I don't think it's a big deal, just something to think about. Of course, this is another good argument for rotating your food and eating what you store. Well, I'm still buying their things, so take it or leave it.
Regardless, with Shelf Reliance, and their 100% gaurantee, you know you'll be getting good stuff that's meant to last and meant to be eaten.

Elbow Macaroni
#10 Can Q-pon $6.89
Case (6 cans) Q-pon $36.66

And the best part, you don't even need a Q-pon (coupon, get it?)! You just need me! 
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