Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Q Club Gift

It's always exciting when the kids see the FedEx man pull into our driveway. Since I signed up for the Q Club last fall, I know that once a month I can look forward to a fun delivery. It's like Christmas to the kids! They love finding out what's inside the box each time.

One of the perks to being a Platinum member of the Q-Club is the Q-pons I have mentioned before. Another is the occasional gifts they include with your monthly shipment. Well, looks like July is gift month! Not only did I get some good food I was planning on but a surprise gift!

Want to know what's inside? It's not too late to sign up and get a gift yourself!

Joining the Q is super easy. 
And being a Platinum member is actually free if you set your budget at $100 or more. Another way to get these perks for free is to sign up with a friend at any budget amount.

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