Saturday, July 30, 2011

THRIVE Powdered Cheese Blend

The THRIVE Macaroni & Cheese powder was recently discontinued. I heard lots of people say that everyone just liked the Cheese Blend so much better anyway. 
So, I thought I better try it out.

I admit, I am kind of a Mac & Cheese snob. I only buy the name brand! 

Then, I saw the recipe for Macaroni & Cheese in the new THRIVE cookbook, and thought maybe I should try it. My family likes macaroni, so should we ever fall into an emergency situation, it would be nice to still have that on our menu. The boxes are great, but you can only stock so many of those with the short expiration date.

THRIVE on the other hand, has a superb shelf-life! So, I can store macaroni for years, and cheese blend for years, 15 actually. But does it taste any good?

I decided to open a small can of powdered cheese blend and sprinkle it on the kids popcorn like I had heard others do. They loved it! 
Test 1-Pass.

Last night I actually mixed some up with hot water to make a cheese sauce for broccoli. I thought it was pretty good! 
Test 2-Pass.

This is my next test... making macaroni & cheese... 
Stay tuned for the results of this recipe!
I'm still working myself up to it! :)


  1. what are the august specials??

  2. Macaroni noodles... they must have known I needed some encouragement! :) $36.66/case Details coming soon.