Thursday, June 30, 2011

Butter Powder

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We go through a lot of butter at my house! I had not used butter powder until I got some from Shelf Reliance. I have since used in to make several baked goods and they all turned out great! Mix it 1:1 and it's like melted butter. Mix it 3:1 and it's like softened butter., etc. Others have said they mix it thick, let it chill and use it as a butter spread. So, it's a pretty nice thing to have on hand if you're like me and use a lot of butter and don't want to risk running out, especially around the holidays when baking picks up.

Have you ever used butter powder?

A #10 can has (48) 1/4 cup servings.
That's like 24 sticks of butter!
Butter Powder's on sale through July 5th for $19.09!
#10 can retails for $25.49, but who wants to pay retail?

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