Friday, June 10, 2011

Insurance you can eat?

I hesitate to add up how much money my family spends monthly or annually on all the various kinds of insurance we have. Health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, home owners insurance, etc! 


  We don't purchase these insurance policies just for fun. 
We do it so we are "covered", "just in case".


While you hope not to have to use them, at the end of the year, this is what you are left with...
...empty pockets?

The first time I heard someone talk about food insurance, I kind of laughed. 
I've never heard of such a thing!

It makes sense if you think about it. My $100/month Q shipment will add up through the year. 

And at the end of the year, if I didn't need to use this "insurance", what am I left with?


When times get tough, or natural disasters are upon us, your family will need faith... AND food!

What monthly budget would work for you? 
After all, you won't lose a thing with food insurance!

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