Monday, June 6, 2011

Sun Oven - It's getting hot!

What's a sun oven?
For as long as I can remember the summer time heat meant an end to using the oven! 
Turning on the oven makes the whole house hot! 
Even know, in my own house, I tend to avoid the oven like the plague when the temperatures outside are climbing... So, how can I make fresh bread, cookies, etc without turning on the oven?

This crazy contraption is called a Sun Oven.  

Seeing these always created flashbacks to youth camps and foil ovens.  Then I heard someone who actually owned one of these tell me how great it was and I knew I wanted one!

You know that the company or people who are contracted to sell these will tell you how great they work, but when someone you actually know has used it regularly there is just something extra to their recommendation that is so valuable!

I'm thinking this would be nice around the summer time AND on camping trips! Talk about a major fuel and heat saver!

The only thing you need is some sun shine and you can cook just about anything!


These retail for $324.99. Consultant priced at $281.21!

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