Thursday, June 23, 2011

Freeze Dried Corn wins!

I had company over for dinner tonight. As is usual in my house I use a combination of fresh, canned and freeze dried foods. It works for me. My guests were asking how I made my fruit smoothies. I had to keep everything dairy-free for one guest, so I had to just make something up since my usual smoothy is mostly yogurt. They were amazed to hear I used powder from freeze dried mandarin oranges and some freeze dried pineapple chunks among other things. This, of course, led to a taste testing of some of our favorite THRIVE items. FD Yogurt bites, FD cheese, FD Blueberries and the favorite of the night was freeze dried corn

Just smelling the can of corn is like smelling a fresh ear of fresh corn. 
It's pretty amazing!

Pouch - $7.69
Pantry Can - $8.89
#10 Can - $17.19
Case - $97.98

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