Monday, June 13, 2011

Why not?

That was kind of my thought when my dad suggested I become a Shelf Reliance Consultant

"Why not?" 
  • It didn't cost a much to start. 
  • It is a new program.
  • There were only a few hundred consultants nation wide. 
  • This was stuff I had been planning to buy anyways.
  • It didn't require a lot of time away from home.
  • I could do as much or as little as I wanted.
 But then again...,
"Why would I?"
  • It cost money to start out.
  • It's a new program. (I know, I said that before. But it can be a good and bad thing. So far, so good.)
  • I hate selling things.
  • I don't particularly enjoy being the center of attention.
  • I didn't know if many people would be interested.
  • I hate selling things.
  • Did I mention I hate selling things?
So, WHY did I decide to go for it?

Why not?

Shelf Reliance offers 3 main categories of products.
  1. THRIVE Food line
  2. Food Rotation Systems
  3. Emergency products
Buying from a consultant is the cheapest way to buy from Shelf Reliance. I am a big fan of saving money. I also like helping other people save money!

The food is awesome. Tastes great. Super convenient for daily use and packed with shelf-lives up to 25+ years!

The shelves (FRS) are the easiest way to make sure your food is being rotated properly and used on a FIFO basis. I can't wait till I have space to put a big shelf!

And the emergency products are good for 72-hour kits, camping, prepping, whatever you want.

I never expected to make a killing doing this. I was really excited to share the samples and consultant discount with everyone.
Ultimately my goal was to generate enough sales that I could get my monthly Q shipment paid for. I do parties when the occasion arises. I send out email with specials when they come up. I encourage friends and family to be prepared. I share with everyone how easy it has become for me to get fruits & veggies on my kids plates using freeze-dried stuff. Since I am not required to meet any quotas, I really don't feel any pressure to do more than that. And so far, it's been working great for me.

So really, why not? 
And, why not let me help you discover all the great stuff Shelf Reliance offers?

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